About Todd Lemoine

I’m a conscientious developer who enjoys working on projects that help people. I live in Portland with my wife and our two sons, and work as a senior front-end developer at Jive Software.

I work mostly in Javascript, node, React, and the DOM, and I generally love it. I believe the most important attributes of an application are how empowered it makes users feel and how well it executes on that promise. These days, I’m interested in RxJs and Elm.

You can see a recent example of my code in this simple ToDo application, written as an exercise. The source code is available on Github.

I wrote A Strange Game, a book about my own take on modern life and how to navigate it. You can buy and download it from LeanPub or Amazon .

My résumé is available in PDF, HTML, Markdown, text, and JSON formats. You might also be interested in my LinkedIn profile.

You can find me with @toddlemoine, moc.liamg@eniomel.ddot, or call me at 407.409.8802.